Some coating enterprises in China have entered the market competition

2022-11-03 17:46


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Profit is the ultimate goal of a coatings enterprise, but in this competitive coatings market, how can you stand still? That is, we must have an insight into the development and current situation of the industry, make various measures and preparations, meet new challenges, and increase our competitiveness.

Some coating enterprises in China have entered the market competition

With more and more fierce competition in the coatings market and more and more meager profits in network sales, the provincial agent that the original enterprises strongly support may turn into the agent of other coatings brands at any time. Therefore, many coating enterprises have not only focused on network sales, but also formed a development team to develop carpet customers for the industrial cluster. This year, many coating enterprises are working hard on the sinking of marketing channels. Bypassing dealers and facing customers directly is the sales strategy adopted by more and more Shandong coatings enterprises. A battle for coating terminal is unfolding.

For the benefits of channel sinking, the responsible persons of many paint enterprises have reached a consensus: it can effectively reduce the circulation links, speed up the capital turnover, and also give the end customers more room to make profits; it can weaken the voice of dealers, and enhance the market control of the enterprise itself; directly facing the paint enterprises, it can also compress the living space of fake and inferior coatings, and further standardize the market Competition order, maintain the vital interests of coating enterprises, establish and expand brand influence.

The paint market will be eliminated in 3 to 5 years

It is often said that there are 8000 enterprises and more than 10000 brands in the coatings industry. From the development curve, the golden development period of coating industry has passed. Rising costs, backward equipment, intensified market competition and other factors led to many small coating companies and dealers closed down. Although it is impossible to accurately count the number of coating enterprises and brands, it is certain that the elimination period of the coating industry has begun.

From the beginning of the 21st century until now, the sales channels of coating enterprises have been flat. The manufacturers constantly adjust and reduce the sales areas of provincial and municipal distributors, trying to open up more outlets and develop more distributors to cooperate with the company directly. In the terminal stores, the mode of exclusive stores and large stores is popular, and the operation of grocery stores / small stores is difficult. Some manufacturers begin to promote new stores, trying to improve the competitiveness of dealers and brands in the terminal. Dealers' management and cost awareness began to gradually enhance, relying on the strength of manufacturers to improve their promotion level and sales skills, in order to achieve greater development.

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