Opportunities and challenges for Coatings Enterprises

2022-11-03 17:46


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Housing construction, rapid development of high-speed rail, accelerated pace of Urbanization All of these bring new opportunities to coating enterprises, and at the same time, coating enterprises will also face new challenges under the new normal.

The coating industry, relying on the rapid rise of the real estate industry, is undoubtedly a sunrise industry in the past two decades. With the progress of the times, home building materials, automobiles, ships, toys, and coatings are closely related to more and more industries. At present, the domestic high-speed rail, real estate is also in constant construction, coating enterprises will have a huge space for development. "It is estimated that by 2020, the mileage of China's high-speed railway with a speed of 200 km / h or above will exceed 18000 km." The construction of high-speed railway will stimulate the demand of waterproof coating, especially high-performance polyurethane waterproof coating, and greatly speed up the development of waterproof coating market in China. Home decoration is a rigid demand, whether it's commercial housing or apartment, existing or future housing, they are advertising with fine decoration to attract customers. The high speed rail economic effect one belt, one road, the transmission line, the optical cable transmission system and other infrastructure construction, lay the material foundation for the "one belt and one road", the factory Hotel, the commercial complex estate, the transportation center also rise, all these bring the new historical opportunity for the coating industry development.

Therefore, coating enterprises may take advantage of the opportunity to do a good job in the engineering paint, home decoration paint, waterproof, floor, railway car paint, parts paint and other coating market. With billions of coatings market, coatings enterprises have a bright future. Take the Shanghai high-speed railway as an example, with a total length of 1318 km and a total waterproofing project of 2 billion yuan.

However, the situation of architectural coatings is slightly different. The closer the relationship is, the more dangerous the situation is. The interior and exterior wall coatings used for decoration account for about 36% of the total output of coatings. In addition to floor coatings, waterproof coatings and decorative coatings, architectural coatings account for about 45.6% of the total output of coatings. If the real estate crisis, architectural coatings will bear the brunt, it can be said that "the skin does not exist, the hair will be attached."
At present, environmental protection has also risen to an unprecedented height. Air pollution and water pollution are urgent problems to be solved. The environmental protection regulation introduced by various places has brought a certain degree of impact on all walks of life, especially the chemical industry and furniture industry. Therefore, it's hard to say whether many coating enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution can survive under the dual pressure of consumption tax and environmental protection law. The spring of the coatings industry seems to have passed, and it is time for the large and small coating enterprises to restructure and reshuffle. What enterprises need to face is to consider how to transform and upgrade. Enterprises are faced with many difficulties in transformation and upgrading, including capital, technology and talents. In order to survive, price increase is also a helpless move. But consumers are willing to pay for products that are highly polluting, environmentally friendly and harmful to health. The market has the final say.

All in all, opportunities and challenges coexist at any time. The future development of the industry will also move forward in the direction of standardization, scale, green environmental protection, energy saving, safety humanization and high technology.

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