Cationic Dyes
NO.Product NameC.I.Basic NO.Colour StandardColour SampleNotes
1Basic Pink X-FGR-13250%1.jpg
2Basic Bríll. Red X-5GNR-14250%2.jpg
3Basic Red X-GTLR-18200%3.jpg
4Basic Red 2GLR-29250%4.jpg
5Basic Red X-GRLR-46250%5.jpg
6Basic Pink X-6BV-7100%6.jpg
7Basic Violet 3RV-16300%7.jpg
8Basic Yellow X-8GLY-13250%8.jpg
9Basic Yellow X-2RLY-19200%9.jpg
10Basic Yellow 7GLLY-21200%10.jpg
11Basic Brill.Flavine 7GLY-24500%11.jpg
12Basic Golden Yellow X-GLY-28250%12.jpg
13Basic Brill.Flavine X-10GFFY-40300%13.jpgCI
14Basic Brill.Flavine X-10GFFY-40300%14.jpgNon-CI
15Basic Yellow X-5GLY-51400%15.jpg
16Basic Turquoise Blue X-GBB-3250%16.jpg
17Basic Blue X-GRRLB-41:1250%17.jpg
18Basic Blue X-GRLB-41300%18.jpg
19Basic Violet 3BLB-53250%19.jpg
20Basic Brill.Blue RLB-54500%20.jpg
21Basic Blue X-GSLB-54:1300%21.jpg
22Basic Brill.Violet X-5BLHB-62200%22.jpg
23Basic Blue X-BLB-159250%23.jpg
24Basic Yellow M-RLY-49250%24.jpg
25Basic Red M-RLR-51250%25.jpg
26Basic Blue M-RLB-52250%26.jpg


Dyeing Profiles


Dye Group

Fastness Test Method


◎:Very Suitable

S (H):High Energy

Color Fastness to Washing:ISO 105-CO3



SE:Medium Energy

Color Fatness to Ligh:ISO 105-802 Xenon

Liquor Ratio:1:10

△:Limited Suitable

E:Low Energy

Color Fastness to Sublimation: ISO 105-PO1 (180Cx30sec )


x:Not Suitable

Color Fastness to Perspiration:ISO 105-E04

Color Fastness to Rubbing:ISO 105-X12